“A bravura performance."

Blurbs and other Kind Words

"Life Among Giants is a sprawling, exuberant novel filled with murder and lust and, mostly, love. Bill Roorbach is a writer with enormous vision and an even more enormous heart."
—Ann Hood, author of The Red Thread

“Life Among Giants is such a surprise: an operatic novel of grand emotions and grand events, a story about murder, money and madness but also the worlds of dance, food, sports, and romance, all experienced at their over-the-top best. No one writes pleasure quite like Bill Roorbach.” —Debra Spark, author of Good for the Jews

“With memories of people tangled "in a hopeless knot," David “Lizard” Hochmeyer attempts to unravel the Gordian in Roorbach’s latest novel. . . .[An] exotic, eye-catching cast. . . . sparkling characters . . . A narrative threaded through with corruption and an appreciable number of love stories.” --Kirkus Reviews

"A book that's big in the best of ways, LIFE AMONG GIANTS strolls effortlessly across several recent American decades, guiding a big-eyed reader through worlds of football, ballet, murder, fine food, investment fraud, gaudy wealth, murder again, international intrigue, and suspense, all the while staying within the tight limits of a family saga that rings universal. Bill Roorbach has delivered his award-winning writing talents in one big bunch. Hollywood will come calling." --Clyde Edgerton, author of KILLER DILLER

"What strikes me most about Bill Roorbach's new novel, Life Among Giants, is the generosity and spirit of its author. Roorbach has created a cast of colorful characters, many of them damaged and flawed, but still allowed their dignity and moments of laughter and joy. This story of intrigue and family and the desire for love never gives in to its tragic premise, choosing instead to represent life the way it truly is, full of simultaneous humor and drama. The result is a richly textured portrait we won't soon forget, one that leaves us grateful for our journey and the large heart of the writer who accompanies us."

--Lee Martin, author of Break the Skin and The Bright Forever

“Replete with all the stuff of great page-turning pleasure: violent murder, illicit love, mysterious family history. A story of extraordinary characters at the mercy of universal passions and disappointments. A giant success.” --Antonya Nelson, author of BOUND

Praise for Bill Roorbach's earlier books:

"There is poetry in Bill Roorbach's prose ... his lyricism is touched lightly with irony." --The Boston Globe

"While genuine in his appreciation of nature, Roorbach is the antithesis of the smug and self-absorbed naturalist." --The Believer

"Roorbach is a master of capturing and expressing joy." --Hartford Courant

"I've admired Bill Roorbach's voice for a long time. He's a writer who is full of compassion and warmth for his subjects, and he's funny as hell, too."
--Rick Moody

"Bill Roorbach's writing is notable for its warmth, its sensitivity to women, and its irresistable bad boy charm."
--Joyce Johnson

"Roorbach falls, for me, into that small category of writers whose every book I must read, then reread."
--Jay Parini

"Bill Roorbach is a storyteller's storyteller."
--Antonya Nelson.

"Roorbach has put his finger on a basid element of artistic creation: the desire to join with the things one loves." --Newsday

"Bill Roorbach's stylish writing--with its surprising and generous observations about landscapes, internal and external--makes for great literature."
--Debra Spark

"Here is a narrator who makes you glad to be alive, giddy to be in his presence, grateful to love friends and family and dogs with generosity and abandon, to show tenderness and thus by saved by strangers."
--Melanie Rae Thon

"Roorbach has a knack for tapping into deep undercurrents and bringing them to the surface with the least amount of fanfare or fuss."
--Los Angeles Weekly

"Bill Roorbach has quietly built a stellar reputation."
--Publisher's Weekly