“A bravura performance."

In development at HBO for a multi-year drama series!

"A bravura performance. It's been a long time since a writer's written so beautifully about subjects as varied as pro football, dance, food, and murder in the same book. My God it was fun." --Richard Russo

"LIFE AMONG GIANTS is a ­larger-than-life production. Yet all of its wild characters feel genuine, their aches and flaws and desires wholly organic; and the plot they’re tangled in moves forward at a breakneck pace. It’s a dizzy romp. There’s murder and intrigue and sex and terror, and Roorbach is generous with it all." --Haley Tanner, The New York Times Book Review 2/​24/​13

"A few novels every year ... achieve greatness. Life Among Giants is one of those blessed occurences." --the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Amazon editors name LIFE AMONG GIANTS one of the Best 100 Books of 2012!


LIFE AMONG GIANTS named a Shelf Awareness top ten novels of the year!

LIFE AMONG GIANTS is an Editors’ Choice pick for December and is available for download on the iBookstore! Thanks, Apple Editors!

LIFE AMONG GIANTS named a top ten book of 2012 by the Columbus Dispatch

“Replete with all the stuff of great page-turning pleasure: violent murder, illicit love, mysterious family history. A story of extraordinary characters at the mercy of universal passions and disappointments. A GIANT SUCCESS.”
--Antonya Nelson, author of BOUND

"A soapy and THRILLING INDULGENCE, a tale of opulence, love triangles, and madness, set against a sumptuous landscape of lust and feasts..." --Publisher's Weekly, 9/​10/​2012

“Life Among Giants is SUCH A SURPRISE: an operatic novel of grand emotions and grand events, a story about murder, money and madness but also the worlds of dance, food, sports, and romance, all experienced at their over-the-top best. No one writes pleasure quite like Bill Roorbach.” —Debra Spark, author of Good for the Jews

* “Lizard Hochmeyer is a little like my Irish Wolfhound...too darn big not to get himself into trouble, but it is the accumulative and self inflicted quality of that trouble, its layers and its range, as well as Lizard's dogged attempts to come to terms with it, that make him A HERO I WILL NEVER FORGET. Reading Life Among Giants taught me something I didn't know about the way the world works, about how men and women work, and it is a good day for everybody when that story gets made new again.” --Pam Houston, author of Contents May Have Shifted

Holy Kazolies!

David “Lizard” Hochmeyer lives across the pond from The High Side, a mansion the size of an embassy, home to the world famous ballerina Sylphide and her even more famous husband, the English rocker Dabney Stryker-Stewart.

When Lizard’s parents are mysteriously killed, he and his brilliant but unstable sister, Kate, are left adrift and full of questions. Lizard’s path to answers is more than circuitous; it’s a journey laden with pro football stars, a master chef tattooed head to toe, and a beautiful transvestite. It’s a path that leads back, again and again, to the fabulous couple on the other side of the pond, particularly the beautiful Sylphide.

We follow young Lizard through the years as he attempts to make sense of his world and his past. And what a varied and giant life it is: from football star at Princeton to Miami Dolphins quarterback, from confidant of the alluring Sylphide to owner and chef of a high-end restaurant, and all the while haunted by his parents' murders and determined to wreak his revenge--if only he can find the killers.

A funny and exuberant novel that captures the reader with the grand sweep of Lizard's life and his generous spirit, LIFE AMONG GIANTS is an exhilarating ride.

An Apple Editor's pick of the month for December, an Indie First Pick for December, Book of the Month on Amazon for November, one of Amazon's 100 Best Books of the Year, and on and on! Whoa!

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